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How to Fix a Smartwatch that Won’t Turn On: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Smartwatches have come a long way in the past year or so, with new companies entering the space and new devices emerging from familiar manufacturers. Unfortunately, even with the growing list of available options, the smartwatch market is still plagued by problems. But how to fix a smartwatch that won’t turn on?

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make your smartwatch more useful and less frustrating. If you’re experiencing issues with your smartwatch, check out our list of the top problems that smartwatches face today. If your smartwatch doesn’t turn on, this list of problems will help you troubleshoot potential issues before investing in a smartwatch. Let’s take a look at how to fix a smartwatch that won’t turn on.

Why Does My Smartwatch Not Turn On?

This is probably the most common problem with all smartwatches. Something is stopping the smartwatch from turning on. Here are a few possible causes:

The battery is low. This usually happens when you haven’t used your watch for a while, like when you take it in for repairs or upgrade to a new model.

The watch is not set up for mobile phone use. Connecting your watch to your phone may cause problems, as the two devices use different frequency bands.

Your coverage area isn’t strong enough to power your watch. Make sure you have an accurate GPS setting when you toggle between cellular and GPS mode.

You have a broken or stuck band. If the band is too tight or too loose, it may prevent the watch from turning on.

Your smartwatch isn’t charging. Make sure you are using the correct charger for your watch. Some smartwatches come with a adapter that will work with most chargers, but not all models do.

Watch Faces and Controllers Don’t Turn On

If you wear your watch face forward and not sideways, it will face the front of your body, where it’s most likely to get hit by clothes and other items. If your watch faces aren’t on backwards, your watch will still work, but the display will be blurry and tinted. To fix this, just flip your watch face around so it’s face-down so the display is always behind the watch and visible, and make sure the straps are far enough apart so your face doesn’t get in the way.

How to Fix a Smartwatch that Won’t Turn On: 9 Steps

How to Fix a Smartwatch that Won't Turn On -9 Steps

If your smartwatch won’t turn on, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the issue. Here are 9 steps to help get your watch up and running again:

Step 1: Remove the Band

Remove the Band

This method is simple to execute and does not require any special tools or skills. Locate the clasp on the band and carefully undo it. This can be difficult because the band is tight, so you may need to use tools to help you. If you cannot remove it, make sure that you’re following all of the steps in this article properly.

Step 2: Remove Battery Cover

Remove Battery Cover

The battery cover is located at one end of your smartwatch and slides off easily.

If you’re looking to remove your smartwatch’s battery cover, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Here are five simple steps that will help you get the task done:

1) Hold down the watch’s power button for about 15 seconds until it switches off.
2) Pry up on the plastic bezel surrounding the screen with a thin object like needle-nose pliers.
3) Use your fingers to gently pry off the watch’s strap by lifting it at an angle and starting with the end closest to your wrist.
4) Carefully lift the strap off of the watch’s body.
5) Remove the backplate by pressing down on its edges and lifting it off with your fingers.

Step 3: Remove Black Plastic and Battery

Remove Smartwatch Black Plastic and Battery

Locate the circular port on your smartwatch and slide out the black plastic. Remove the battery from its slot.

If you need to remove the battery cover on your smartwatch, follow these simple steps:

  • Turn off your smartwatch.
  • Remove the watch band if needed.
  • Lift up the battery cover.
  • Remove the battery and any other internal components.
  • Replace the battery and screw the cover back in place.

Step 4: Insert Charging Cable

Insert Charging Cable on Smartwatch

Remove one end of the charging cable from its holder, insert it into the port at one end of your smart watch, then connect the other end to a micro-USB charger. This will charge your watch and replace any lost data.

Step 5: Locate Battery Cover Button

  • Press It
  • The button inside your smartwatch’s battery cover is small, so it won’t be easy to see with only one hand. Locate it with your second hand.

Step 6: Replace Battery Cover and Press Button

Replace the button inside your smartwatch’s battery cover and press it with your finger.

Step 7: Locate Charging Connector

  • Plug It In
  • Find the charging connector on your smartwatch’s cable, then plug it into a USB port on a computer or other device. The red light on your smartwatch will turn blue when the device is charging.

Step 8: Review Troubleshooting Methods

Before continuing, check out some common methods for fixing smartwatches that won’t turn on.

Step 9: Turn On Your Smartwatch

If these steps work, your smartwatch should now be turned on, and everything should be working fine.

Smartwatches run on a special operating system called “SmartOS.” Like any smartphone, SmartOS has its advantages and disadvantages, but the main issue is that it’s not available on all devices. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy devices come with specific software that lets the user take advantage of user-friendly features like push notifications, but the OS is not available on other devices.

It must be said that the OS is one of the things that gives a smartwatch its functionality, so it’s important to keep it updated and optimized for maximum performance. However, the SmartOS can often be out-of-date or worse, missing important updates, which can cause issues with modern devices. One major issue that pops up often is that the apps store is old and limited, and many apps won’t work with recent versions of the operating system.

There are also problems with some manufacturers relying on third-party app stores to issue updates to their devices. These issues can all be overcome, but it takes a certain level of patience and perseverance. Over the long term, the payoff is worth it, as the updated operating system will always have the latest and greatest apps.

The Watch Won’t Charge

This problem is caused by a variety of things, but mostly by issues with the charging port. A faulty charging port may discharge too quickly or not at all. A stuck charging port may prevent you from charging your watch. Water damage to the watch may cause the port to leak or get blocked. A poor or faulty connection between your phone and watch may cause the phone to consume too much power while the watch remains idle. If you’re experiencing slow or irregular charging, it may be worth taking your watch in to be checked out.

The Smartwatch Has No Backlight

This one is self-explanation. When a torch or flashlight is plugged into a watch’s charging port, the watch will light up to give you a flashlight or light source, but there is no light coming from the back of the device. This light can be used for any purpose, but it’s best used for navigation or when you’re in low-light situations.

If the light from your watch is dark or bright in the way that’s bothersome or distracting to you, you may have a light sensor that is malfunctioning. This is a common problem on many devices, but in smartwatches it’s especially frustrating as there’s no easy fix.

The Smartwatch Curved Retraction Lens Is All Scrunched Up

This one is pretty self-explanation. The curved edge of the smartwatch is meant to make the device more comfortable to wear, but the problem is that it causes the lens to be wider than it needs to be. This isn’t a big deal on an everyday watch, but on a smartwatch it creates an ugly lens that isn’t purposeful. The solution is to stop using the watch or reduce the thickness of the curved edge.

The Smartwatch has a Broken or Stuck Band

This one is pretty self-explanation. A stuck or broken band is pretty much a death sentence for any device, but most smartwatches have a band design that allows you to wear them on either hand. The band may be too tight or loose when you buy the watch, but once it’s on your wrist the band has to fit correctly or it’ll look and feel odd.

If either the band or the watch is awkwardly tight or loose, it can be difficult or impossible to remove. There are also chances of dirt and grit getting into the sensors or buttons of the watch, which can affect the functionality of the device.

The Smartwatch is Too Small

This one is pretty self-explanation. The size of a smartwatch is almost a personal choice, but generally speaking, smartwatches are too small to comfortably wear on the arm or side of the body. If you have small hands or prefer to wear a smaller watch on your wrist, this is a valid concern, but it’s generally not a deal-breaker.

The Final straw: My Smartwatch Got Stuck in Something

My Smartwatch Got Stuck in Something

This one is rather self-explanation. Perhaps you accidentally hit the power button while the device was in your pocket or bag? Or maybe you left it in a trunk or a car during a ride? Or maybe you left it in the kitchen while you were cooking dinner? Or maybe you left it in the living room when you were watching TV?

Whatever the reason, the device got stuck and could not be removed. If you find that your device is getting stuck, it’s usually better to get it out of there before doing something potentially damage-causing. Check out How to Answer a Call on a Smartwatch – The Best Way To Keep Your Phone Operated During Call

Why did my smartwatch stop working?

Why did my smartwatch stop working

A few reasons your smartwatch might have stopped working, and this article will cover that.

1. Your Smartwatch Stopped Connecting to the Bluetooth Signal

If you’re using an Apple or Android device, make sure the Bluetooth signal is strong enough. If it’s not, use another device to connect your smartwatch until you resolve this issue. For example, if you’re trying to connect a Samsung Gear S2 with an iPhone, use a Samsung Galaxy phone instead.

Occasionally crashes can occur when transferring the signal from one device to another. If you are still having issues, try connecting your watch from scratch after taking some steps to address the issue listed below.

2. Your Smartwatch Stopped Pairing With the Mobile Device

If you’re using an Apple device and your watch has stopped working and still missing, then your device may have stopped pairing with your mobile phone. You’ll need to pair the devices again by following these steps:

Turn on Bluetooth on the Apple Watch and iPhone. If prompted, enter a passcode on both devices. Launch the “Watch App” on your iPhone and select “Pair Watch”. On your Android device, open the “Settings” app. Select “Bluetooth”. Select “Add Device”. Choose your watch from the available options and follow through with pairing.

3. Your Smartwatch Stopped Charging When Connected

If your smartwatch stops charging when connected to a mobile device, try these steps: Disconnect your watch from the phone. If you’re using a Samsung carrier, hold the power button on your watch until it turns off. Wait 10 seconds and then reconnect the devices by holding both power buttons simultaneously on both devices.

4. Your Smartwatch Stopped Networking with iOS

To troubleshoot this issue, please disconnect your watch from your iPhone and reconnect it again. If that didn’t solve the problem, then try these steps:

Open “Settings” on your iPhone and select “General”. Tap “Software Update”. Tap “Download and Install” and follow the instructions.

5. Your Smartwatch Stopped Working with Android

If your smartwatch stops working with your Android phone, try these steps:

Open “Settings” on your phone and select “Apps”. Tap “All”, then tap “Storage”. Tap the app you use to manage notifications. Select “Force Stop.” Uninstall the app. Reinstall the app from Google Play Store or use another method to reinstall the app.

Suppose you’re using a Samsung carrier check here for more information about uninstalling apps from Samsung Galaxy devices. For example, this article will show you how to uninstall an application from your Galaxy S7 Edge using Apps Manager.

6. Your Smartwatch Stopped Functioning Properly

If your smartwatch stops working with any device, your smartwatch may have stopped functioning properly. Try these steps:

Try charging your device. If it doesn’t charge, you might need to replace the battery on your watch. If you’re using a Samsung or Android device, you can use this guide to replace the battery on your smartwatch. In this article, we will show you how to open a Samsung Gear S2 and replace the battery on that device. Ensure that your watch is still under warranty, or at least purchase an extended warranty if it’s not.

If your smartwatch is still not working properly, it might need to be replaced. You can contact the manufacturer from the Smartwatch website to troubleshoot further or replace your device.

7. Your Battery Stopped Functioning Properly

If you’re using a smartwatch that requires a battery, make sure that the battery is charged. If not, then try these steps:

Disconnect your watch from its charger and device. Reboot both your smartphone and smartwatch by holding down the power button on each device until they both turn off, and then hold down the power button again to turn them on again. Reconnect your Samsung Gear S2 watch with your mobile phone and charge it if necessary.

8. Your Device Stopped Syncing New Data

If you’re having trouble syncing new data to your device, then try these steps:

Turn off your watch and reconnect it with a different mobile device. Try many different devices if possible. Disconnect your Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch from any mobile phone if you’re using one. Launch the “Samsung Gear” app on your Android or Apple device and then disconnect the watch by tapping on “SHARE” and then selecting “Disconnect”.

Reboot your iOS or Android device after disconnecting the smartwatch. Reconnect both devices and make sure that Bluetooth is active on both devices. Turn on your smartwatch on both devices and make sure that your smartwatch is connected to the mobile phone.


The smartwatch is a great way to stay connected with your phone whenever you want, but it also has its problems. If you’ve been experiencing problems with your smartwatch, check out our list of the top problems that smartwatches face today. If your smartwatch doesn’t turn on, this list of problems will help you troubleshoot potential issues before investing in a smartwatch.



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